Stainless Steel Square Section : Approx Weight.KG.Per.Feet

Buying Stainless steel equipment and machinery is no more a challenging job. When you are at Steel Glow, finding the best quality stainless steel products like S S square section is the simplest task. We are the leading stainless steel equipment manufacturers which work with dedication to complete satisfaction.

What are stainless steel square steel tubes used for?

Stainless steel square sections are used extensively in various industries like construction and engineering. Find it to be used in items like signposts and railings. This is due to its superb features like excellent weldability and corrosion resistance. As the most trusted Stainless Steel square tubes manufacturer we provide high-quality SS square tubes to a variety of commercial and industrial buyers. Also, we are dealing with people requiring them for personal use.

Features of our Stainless-Steel Tubes

All our stainless-steel square tubing comes in premium grade 304. It has a satin finish. As we promise the highest quality, we source steel only from reliable mills with whom we have worked for decades. The standard length of our square steel tubes is 6 meters. We are also ready for customization. So, you can ask us for an extensive variety of dimensions.

Why should you reach Steel Glow for Stainless Steel tubes?

Order your square stainless-steel tubing from Steel Glow for the following reasons.

1. As dedicated SS square tube manufacturers, we adhere to stringent quality control processes.

2. We also employ highly experienced personnel who use materials that comply with the international standards of ISO.

3. Our commitment to excellence can be judged by our exceptional customer service.

4. We prioritize customer satisfaction which we meet with various facilities like providing prompt order processing, timely deliveries, affordable pricing, easy customizing etc.

Order any size of ss tubes for any industry now.

MM 0.65 0.80 0.90 0.95 1.00 1.20 1.50 2.00 2.50
12.5 x 12.5 0.075 0.091 0.102 0.107 0.112 0.133 0.163
20 x 20 0.176 0.184 0.220 0.271 0.354 0.433 0.508
25 x 25 0.221 0.232 0.277 0.343 0.450 0.553 0.652
30 x 30 0.267 0.280 0.335 0.415 0.516 0.673 0.796
38 x 38 0.340 0.358 0.427 0.531 0.700 0.866 1.027
40 x 40 0.358 0.376 0.450 0.559 0.738 0.898 1.084
50 x 50 0.473 0.565 0.703 0.930 1.153 1.372

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